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Burning Man!

19 August 2013

It’s that time of year! If you are a burner, this is what you wait for ALL year long. The time where we disappear into the great desert abyss and let go of all of the things that weigh us down. No cell phones, no Facebook, no internet!  It is when we step away from the things that we think define us, and into the things that really do. Love, patience, gratitude, friendship, and camaraderie are valued above else at the man. You are valued for your spirit rather then your social position. There is a no judgement clause and those who attend are encouraged to let go of their pre conceived notions and embrace their higher, loving self. Sound like a bunch of hippy jargon? So what. hippies were on to something. Our sacred tribe of friends has become an extension of our family and we will be taking this time to honor our spirits and increase our capacity for tolerance. We will also be wearing some amazing costumes, dancing, laughing, and returning to our giddy childhood selves! If you are reading this and you just can’t help but let the judgment creep in…You don’t belong at Burning Man! On second thought maybe it’s exactly what you need!

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Release Party, Music Videos, Record Deals, and The Key to Success!

17 August 2013

key-handBefore I left for Nashville to record my first album, a dear friend who I call my soul sister gave me a beautiful key necklace as a going away present. She proudly announced as I opened it, “It’s the key to success!” She announced it as if surely this was the only thing missing from my inevtiable success! It was a simple statement but the implication was profound. It was in that moment I realized that people believed in my potential.  I was about to set off an almost insurmountable conquest but there were people surrounding me that could see it all working out! Over the last few years I have worn that key in many circumstances: out to dinner, for performances, or just casually walking my dog. Somehow it is my goto accessory as it always reminds me of the moment when I opened that Tiffany blue box and a shift in my reality took place.

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Pushing The Limits

29 July 2013

This past weekend marked the start of a new journey for our Nesta showcases! I have been having a ton of fun trying to incorporate some new elements in. Aerial, dance, and hooping are a few new elements and I have found some amazing artists to join me on stage to take our performance to the next level. I think this is what I love about music. You can incorporate other forms of art and it only heightens the experience for everyone involved. It is so exciting, scary, and amazing all at the same time to be pushing the limits of where we are going with this experience, but I guess my life has kind of always been about pushing limits in one way shape or form.  Sometimes I push too hard and I get knocked back, but sometimes something even more amazing than I expected  happens.

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New Nesta Show Date July 25th!

15 July 2013

Come join me at the Good Hurt in Venice Beach on July 25th for a showcase!  I am super excited to debut this new performance which will incorporate live musical elements, amazing video footage,  as well as some high energy performances from our dance troupes!

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14 July 2013

Split1- blog post 199Maybe you have noticed some changes to the Nesta world as of late… Well change is definitely upon us.  As I get ready to release my first EDM album, I thought I would get you guys up to speed on all things Nesta! First off, you may have noticed we revamped the web site a bit. I love the new look of and I think it really came out amazing! The new album Levitate, has really given me permission to explore my edgier side and I have been loving how creative I have been able to be throughout this process. You all know I am a beach girl, but now you are getting to see a little more of my saucy side.  I think all of us have so many aspects of ourselves and it feels good to let you in on my multiple personalities!

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25 April 2013

Welcome to the all new!

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