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Burning Man 2014


I have just returned from my annual pilgrimage to Burning Man and as always I feel inspired and with great hope for all that our future holds. I needed to get that out in the first few sentences as this year I felt there was more controversy and negative talk about the event then I had previously experienced. Perhaps this is the just the result of the Burning Man event getting more and more attention each year. You can only sell a headline of, “Another awesome year of Burning Man!” for so many years I suppose. Perhaps this is just the inevitability of change and exposure to the masses. In years past, I felt most of the articles were laden with interesting images and minimal text. A picture is worth a thousand words and Burning Man pictures may actually be worth two thousand words. It seems this year there was more articles on Plug and Play camps, Diplo and Skrillex getting booed off stage, and of course my personal favorite, Burning Man isn’t cool anymore. I was a little bit dishearten by all the negativity around the event but wanted to simply share with you that Burning Man is still cool, who cares about plug and play, and Diplo and Skrillex were awesome. I know I could find something wrong or off putting about all of the above but I choose to see the beauty, creativity, and immense freedom of expression in the event. Sure it is flawed, but so is the human experience and isn’t that whole point, to persevere and radically overcome the obstacles which stand between us peace, love and acceptance. I am not trying to be completely doe eyed here but I think this is an important example of deciding to see the glass as half full or half empty and also for expecting that things don’t change. They always do. If we try to cling to days gone by we will only increase our suffering. For now is the most important time and to dwell too much in the past we leave the present an empty shell. You know what happens to empty shells…? They get crabs! Nobody wants crabs! So just be present and you’re covered! Anyhow, I hope you all are wonderful and that you will enjoy this album I put together of some of the photos I took this year.

Be well my friends!

Love always,



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17 September 2014 Burning Man Thoughts