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Burning Man!

19 August 2013

It’s that time of year! If you are a burner, this is what you wait for ALL year long. The time where we disappear into the great desert abyss and let go of all of the things that weigh us down. No cell phones, no Facebook, no internet! ┬áIt is when we step away from the things that we think define us, and into the things that really do. Love, patience, gratitude, friendship, and camaraderie are valued above else at the man. You are valued for your spirit rather then your social position. There is a no judgement clause and those who attend are encouraged to let go of their pre conceived notions and embrace their higher, loving self. Sound like a bunch of hippy jargon? So what. hippies were on to something. Our sacred tribe of friends has become an extension of our family and we will be taking this time to honor our spirits and increase our capacity for tolerance. We will also be wearing some amazing costumes, dancing, laughing, and returning to our giddy childhood selves! If you are reading this and you just can’t help but let the judgment creep in…You don’t belong at Burning Man! On second thought maybe it’s exactly what you need!

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