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Idyllwild International Film Festival Best Music Video 2014!

Idyllwild International Film Festival Best Music Video 2014!

Wow what an amazing weekend! We were honored with the 2014 Best Music Video award from the Idyllwild International Film Festival. This was a crazy unexpected honor and we were so excited and surprised to take home this award. We were tremendously honored after we saw some of the other entries. There was some AMAZING videos!

A big thanks to Filter’s Geno Lenardo who was the judge in this category and who also presented me with the award. He said ultimately it came down to a split between the quality of production of the video and their love for the song "Take Me!" The director of the film festival, Stephen Savage, remarked to me after the awards that "Take Me" was the kind of song that if you were driving down the highway you would just want to go a 100 MPH! I love that!

I want to give special thanks to my co-writers, Scott Krippayne, Ron Robinson, and Kent Hooper and also to the producer of this song Freddy Emmet!

A HUGE thank you goes to Nadia Boctor and Dominc Gill of Encompass films. The panel was amazed that this was their first music video and blown away by the concept, shooting, and production. It just goes to show that real talent shines through no matter what the project is and these two are extremely talented indeed!

Also a big thank you to my amazing husband who is my biggest supporter and my favorite new band mate. We had the best time playing at the after party and we had some new fans singing along to "Take Me!" Thanks again to Nadia Boctor and" Lizbits" Liz Mostaedi for coming along for the ride and attending the festival.. You are good friends!

This week we are off to Sundance Film Festival and looking forward to another exciting weekend!

Thank you to everyone who is on this journey with me. You words of encouragement and the positive and loving vibration you share with me shines brightly in my heart..

Love always,





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