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Lessons from the Playa

Sand storm, stay close

One day while trapped in a sand storm on the playa I had an epiphany, the only reason you would hate getting stuck in a sand storm is if you expected not to! The whole concept resonated with me to an incredible extend. Our expectations set us up for disappointment. But how do we balance it all? How do we strive to accomplish ourselves without setting ourselves up for disappointment? How do we try to grow without feeling the pain of change? I guess my answer would be you don’t! You simply just learn to let go when the moment calls for it. It’s an intricate dance. Pushing forward then easing up at just the right time. You dream big and roll with it when the dream gets turned on its ear. Maybe it takes practice or maybe you just start letting go now. You have a choice. In every moment you decide how you will react to the circumstances. You can dig your heels in our you can dance! I choose to dance!

31 August 2013 Burning Man