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Is Nesta! Bulgaria’s next Justin Bieber?

Is Nesta! Bulgaria’s next Justin Bieber?

Before you get too excited let me explain. On Halloween I had the great pleasure of releasing my 2nd music video For the song Take Me off of the new album Levitate. I was so excited to release it as it such a well done music video and one of my favorites so far. I was blown away by the response 30,000 views in under a week. I was elated and happy to see the views and momentum gaining..and then…. apparently the video was spammed and the views in Bulgaria alone shot up above 100,000. We were sure that Bulgaria has just discovered their favorite new pop star until youtube sent us a notification that we had been spammed and they pulled the video down. We were so disheartened as the video was doing so well and everyone was sharing it like crazy!

So now we are re- releasing it! We hope you will watch, share, and give it some love..

The music industry is a constant roller coaster of ups and downs and sometimes I wonder how to keep my spirits up when things go awry. Whenever I get down about something like this, I just have to keep it in perspective and remind myself that I get to follow my dream of making music and at the end of the day that is all that matters!


Levitate is Nesta’s sophmore album. Please feel free to review it on itunes or Amazon.

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