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Paleo/Primal Meal planning

Paleo/Primal Meal Planning

Hope your Thanksgiving was amazing! We had a delightful day and we ate some seriously amazing Paleo dishes… Now that the holiday is over I want to get back on track so that I don’t fall into the slippery slope of the holiday eating frenzy. Here is what I will be making this week. I am going to try to cook everything in advance except for the salmon. In my opinion fish just has to be eaten fresh or it just does not taste that great. I will be making the simple salmon recipe below but I am going to add the Coconut Marsala dressing from the Primal Sauces, Dressings and Topping Cookbook. I usually choose four staple meals for the week and then add salads or veggies as needed throughout the week..Here are my selections!


Orange Cinnamon Beef

Orange Cinnamon Beef Stew

Thai Chicken Curry

Thai Chicken Curry

(substitute coconut oil for vegetable oil of course)

Slow Cook a Whole Chickens

Slow Cook a Whole Chicken (and then I will make broth!)

Lemony Garlic Wild Alaskan Salmon

Lemony Garlic Wild Alaska Salmon



I am also making a batch of “jello” as I had to take a round of antibiotics this week for a small surgery I had. Therefore I’ll be dosing with some pro-biotics and also adding in the gelatin and the broth from the whole chicken to try to get my probiotics in both supplement and food form..




Primal Blueprint-Healthy Dressings

Amazon Shopping

Here are some additional items I ordered this week…

Coconut Milk – I like this brand because it is organic and it doesn’t have anything but coconut and water.

Curry – Once again this brand is clean and doesn’t have any oil or additives that would be contra indicated.

Grassfed Gelatin

Julienne Peeler – Our Primal chef, Cindy Oji  from Stressless Paleo, introduced this to us at our Primal Malibu retreat and I am going to order it for the Beef Stew recipe. Great way to make those rutabaga noodles.


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