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Release Party, Music Videos, Record Deals, and The Key to Success!

key-handBefore I left for Nashville to record my first album, a dear friend who I call my soul sister gave me a beautiful key necklace as a going away present. She proudly announced as I opened it, “It’s the key to success!” She announced it as if surely this was the only thing missing from my inevtiable success! It was a simple statement but the implication was profound. It was in that moment I realized that people believed in my potential.  I was about to set off an almost insurmountable conquest but there were people surrounding me that could see it all working out! Over the last few years I have worn that key in many circumstances: out to dinner, for performances, or just casually walking my dog. Somehow it is my goto accessory as it always reminds me of the moment when I opened that Tiffany blue box and a shift in my reality took place.

It has been two years since we released that first album. I have grown so much as a person, an artist, and as a soul. I have worked hard and I have not stopped. Now as I get ready to release our second album, Levitate,  an electronic dance album, I can’t help but be profoundly aware and grateful for all of the opportunity coming my way. This album has been signed to a German label and as I write, there are Dj’s and radio program directors screening the pre-release. We are planning our release party and celebration show, and next week I get to go to….



I am also so excited about my photo shoot with Scott London, a photographer that I have been looking forward to shooting with since I saw his feature in Rolling Stone last year. He is amazing and I am honored.

I hope that I will meet many of you reading this and that you can join us for our celebration at The Good Hurt in Venice September 21st. If not, I hope our paths shall cross and that you too will find your key to success!

Here’s a sneak peek of our music video that will launch with the album in a few short weeks! You’ll even see my “Key” to success in there!

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