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“Take Me” Idyllwild International Film Festival Nomination for Best Music Video!

“Take Me” Idyllwild International Film Festival Nomination for Best Music Video!

One of the reasons I love making music is because there is magic in creativity. When you are inspired to create something you let go of reason and order. You allow yourself for a few moments in time to let go and flow with the moment.  Whenever I write music I always associate imagery with the emotional undertones. I have said before that I write in music videos because I often see film like visions run through my head when writing and playing music. Most times, I do not get the opportunity to realize these images in any other medium than my imagination. Most of my music videos stay locked away in my minds eye. Not only did I have the opportunity to realize some of the imagery that I had running through my head for this song, I also got to work with some of the most talented and artistic individuals I know to realize the potential of the video. I remember the first day that I received the rough cut of Take Me. I was elated. It was more than I could have ever imagined. The talent and creativity of Encompass Films Dominic Gill and Nadia Boctor really brought the video to the next level. Whether or not we win the award for Best Music Video, I really do feel like we have already won! The experience of making this video and seeing it realized on film is simply one of life’s coolest experiences. For me, that really is winning! So its with joy and hope that we get to continue to do what we love and if we win an award along the way, now that is icing on the cake!

We will be performing Saturday night after the awards ceremony at 9:30pm in Idyllwild for the international film festival at Joanne’s. Stop by and say hi!


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